Hansen Gets Help from Fox News,And Conservatives in Oil & Gas and Ed, Against Progressive Maria Orms

Updated: Jun 27

My opponent thinks he can transform his oil and gas alliances into something quite the opposite - a wind and solar expert. Just saying you are an environmentalist does not make you one - it's your actions that speak loudest. Outside groups run by ex-Bush Administration loyalists and the American Petroleum Industry are dumping thousands of dollars (up to $107,000) on those uber-sized-clog-the-landfill full color mailers. It's like he wants to transform from the social media analyst data gatherer oil friendly biz guy into Bumblebee. Nope. We see it - it's just positioning, posing.

It's like Hansen is someone we used to know as an oil & gas guy with the exception that he still is an oil & gas guy.

From a friend's timeline - letting us all know his "oil & gas man" label is correct:

--- and FYI ---- that cjhansen75 Twitter handle is not highlighted becaue he deleted that account! It was full of Denver Petroleum Club meetings (he is member and speaker) and oil & gas expos so as part of his "green washing" program - he deleted it. But not before we made these and other discoveries. [NOTE: we did not see any picture of Chris with wind turbines or solar panels or standing next to water plants - nope - just oil & gas]

This is the guy currently sitting in the seat in the Senate D31 as an appointed representative. He's no progressive, he's written bills to make "Natural Gas the Standard" in Colorado hoping to give Xcel Energy a literal blank check to recover all their expenses from the taxpayers in the entire state to fund exploratory work, etc.

This is not someone who is protecting our resources - especially with budget shortfalls during COVID - this is someone beholden to the energy industry. The flyers we referenced above are meant to make him look very green with wind turbines behind him - don't be fooled - he will never let renewables come out on top - he is a right leaning Democrat with outside Republican groups trying to get him elected and fool you. People like Robert Murdoch with his "Unite America" group. They want to bring in right leaning Democrats so their plans don't seem so extreme. We are calling them out - got it? Examples:

His co-founder of Colorado Energy & Water (Larry Holdren) has also given him a make-over. Even the Princess of Genovia and her friends would be impressed. But Mia would not be fooled - just like you - you are not fooled!

Hansen's use of "renewables" when just referring to natural gas only, and founding an "Institute" that allows no press, no oversight to invitation only events. Gee, what's happening there? Training - Larry leads training sessions to educate from "CEO's to Rig Hands" how to get what corporations want when faced with opposition (i.e. activists, fractivists, environmental warriors focused on protecting our land, air and water) - yep turns out these events are just cover for oil & gas strategy sessions and "if you face opposition, we're your firm." - taken right off his website here:

This is a terrible way to represent the people of Senate D31 - Chris! And you've only been appointed - not elected. The people of CO Senate D31 deserve a real progressive Democrat - a strong business leader with new ideas, environmentally focused and keen on making housing, healthcare and education a part of her platform.

Let's talk about housing! A 3 bedroom 1500 sq. ft. apartment in Denver is about $3,900 a month. How are you handling that monthly nut? Maria Orms has a plan for rent control and expanding the Elderly Homestead Act to make it easier for older citizens to move into smaller homes. Chris Hansen voted to take away the benefits of this tax credit for the elderly. That bill also included takeing away a benefit for our disabled veterans. Luckily a Republican Senator stepped up to kill the bill. Shame on you Hansen!

During a recent forum in HD8 & HD9 Chris Hansen stated that there will be no budget cuts in education. The very next day - there were massive education budget cuts. Are you just trying to tell people what they wanted to hear hoping their ballot would be filled out and sent in before the next day ended and the real budgets were revealed? If you voted for him after this video - you were duped.

Are you willing to be manipulated by misleading propaganda filled ads?

Do you question why a candidate needs outside helps to push a green agenda? He can't stand on his own in this area?

You should be wary.

Many dark money fliers are in your mailboxes. You should be mad. Say it with your vote for Maria Orms for CO Senate D31. Whatever you do - don't sit this out - you need to take that ballot, fill it out and vote.

Our State and Country are going to go through many changes in order to recover from this economic recession. We need strong leaders and trust among our citizens and officials to make real change happen for the better. Maria Orms has the integrity and values needed to do the right thing for all Coloradans. Chris has ties to oil & gas and might feel the urge to reward his donors with more legislation that gives handouts to corporations. We don't have time for someone untrustworthy who consistantly tries to conceal his real agenda to reward the oil & gas industry through his ties in the Senate. It stops now!



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